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Unlike websites reporting aggregate "historical prices" that lack specific job details and accuracy, Homewyse cost estimates are based on the unique requirements of your job, based on your job size, your job options and your location. Homewyse uses the unit cost method along with the latest cost data to pinpoint fair cost ranges for installation labor and the range of popular material grade options.

Cost Calculators - Interior and Systems:

Finish Electrical

Install Pendant Lighting
Install Bathroom Fan
Install Ceiling Fan
Install Ceiling Light Fixture
Install Ceiling Speakers
Install Computer Network Wiring
Install Doorbell
Install Electric Baseboard Heater
Install Electrical Outlet
Install Electrical Receptacle
Install Electrical Wiring
Install GFCI Circuit Breaker
Install GFCI Outlet
Install Home Alarm
Install Home Security System
Install Home Theater Projector
Install Home Theater Speakers
Install Home Theater System
Install Home Theater Wiring
Install Intercom System
Install Light Switch
Install Lighting Fixture
Install Low Voltage Lighting
Install Oven
Install Surface Mounted Lighting
Install Telephone Jack
Install Thermostat
Install Track Lighting
Install Under Cabinet Lighting
Install Wall Lighting
Install Wall Mounted Lighting
Install Wall Outlet
Install Wall Sconce
Repair Aluminum Wiring
Replace Bathroom Fan
Replace Built-In Refrigerator
Replace Electric Switch
Replace Electrical Outlet
Replace Electrical Plug
Replace Microwave Oven
Replace Range
Replace Receptacle
Replace Switch Plates
Replace Thermostat
Replace Trash Compactor
Replace Vent Hood

Finish Plumbing

Clean Sewer Line
Find Plumbing Leak
Install Ice Maker
Install Bath Surround
Install Bathroom Faucet
Install Bathroom Sink
Install Bathtub Drain
Install Bathtub Overflow
Install Bathtub Spout
Install Bathtub Surround
Install Bidet
Install Dishwasher
Install Dryer Vent
Install Electric Water Heater
Install Faucet
Install Garbage Disposal
Install Kitchen Faucet
Install Kitchen Sink
Install Kitchen Sink Drain
Install Laundry Sink
Install Shower Basin
Install Shower Drain
Install Shower Faucet
Install Shower Head
Install Shower Liner
Install Shower Stall
Install Shower Surround
Install Sink Drain Pipe
Install Sink Trap
Install Steam Shower
Install Tank Heater
Install Tankless Electric Water Heater
Install Tankless Gas Water Heater
Install Tankless Hot Water Heater
Install Toilet
Install Toilet Seat
Install Tub Faucet
Install Waste Disposal
Install Water Filter System
Install Water Softener
Install Wax Ring
Install Whirlpool Bath
Repair Faucet
Repair Bathtub Faucet
Repair Garbage Disposal
Repair Hot Water Heater
Repair Kitchen Sink Drain
Repair Leaking Faucet
Repair Leaky Faucet
Repair Leaky Toilet
Repair Plumbing Leak
Repair Shower Faucet
Repair Toilet
Replace Bathroom Faucet
Replace Bathroom Sink
Replace Bathtub Faucet
Replace Garbage Disposal
Replace Hot Water Heater
Replace Kitchen Faucet
Replace Kitchen Sink
Replace Kitchen Sink Drain
Replace Toilet
Replace Tub Faucet
Replace Water Filter System
Replace Water Softener


Apply Wood Flooring Finish
Bleach Wood Flooring
Install Backer Board
Install Bamboo Flooring
Install Bathroom Flooring
Install Brick Pavers
Install Carpet
Install Cork Flooring
Install Engineered Wood Floor
Install Hardwood Floor
Install Laminate Flooring
Install Linoleum Flooring
Install Maple Flooring
Install Marble Floor
Install Marble Tile Floor
Install Oak Floor
Install Oak Flooring
Install Prefinished Hardwood Floor
Install Prefinished Hardwood Flooring
Install Prefinished Wood Flooring
Install Radiant Floor Heat
Install Resilient Flooring
Install Sheet Vinyl Flooring
Install Threshold Transition Strip
Install Underlayment
Install Vinyl Tile Flooring
Install Wood Floor
Refinish Floors
Refinish Hardwood Floor
Refinish Stairs
Repair Hardwood Floor
Repair Wood Flooring
Stain Door
Stain Floors
Stain Wood Floor
Stain Wood Flooring

Interior Painting and Wallpapering

Glaze Wood Cabinets
Glaze Woodwork
Hang Wallpaper
Hang Wallpaper Border
Install Wallpaper
Paint Base Molding
Paint Baseboards
Paint Bathroom
Paint Bedroom
Paint Cabinetry
Paint Ceiling
Paint Ceramic Tiles
Paint Crown Molding
Paint Door
Paint Door Frame
Paint Door Panel
Paint Entry Door
Paint Exterior Door
Paint Floor
Paint Garage Floor
Paint Home
Paint Kids Room
Paint Kitchen
Paint Kitchen Cabinets
Paint Kitchen Countertops
Paint Kitchen Cupboards
Paint Laminate Countertops
Paint Library
Paint Living Room
Paint Molding
Paint Paneling
Paint Rooms
Paint Trim Molding
Paint Wall
Paint Wallpaper
Paint Window Casing
Paint Window Frames
Paint Window Trim
Paint Wood
Paint Wood Paneling
Refinish Bathroom Cabinets
Refinish Cabinets
Refinish Door
Refinish Kitchen Cabinets
Refinish Wood Molding
Remove Door Paint
Remove Paint
Remove Paint From Wood
Remove Trim Paint
Remove Wallpaper
Remove Window Paint
Stain And Finish Kitchen Cabinets
Stain And Finish Wood Base Molding
Stain And Finish Woodwork
Stain Exterior Door
Stain Hardwood Floors
Stain Windows
Stain Wood Cabinets
Stain Wood Crown Molding
Stain Wood Door
Stain Wood Trim

Sheet Rock, Drywall and Plastering

Apply Gypsum Plaster
Apply Thin Coat Veneer Plaster
Hang Ceiling Drywall
Hang Drywall
Hang Gypsum Board
Hang Sheetrock
Install Ceiling Drywall
Install Drywall
Install Drywall Corner Bead
Install Gypsum Board
Install Gypsum Lath
Install Metal Lath
Install Sheetrock
Install Thin Coat Plaster Backing - Blueboard
Install Venetian Plaster
Install Wallboard
Install Wooden Lathe
Remove Acoustic Ceiling
Remove Popcorn Ceiling Texture
Repair Wall
Repair Ceiling
Repair Ceiling Cracks
Repair Ceiling Drywall
Repair Ceiling Hole
Repair Ceiling Plaster
Repair Ceiling Texture
Repair Ceiling Water Damage
Repair Drywall
Repair Drywall Ceiling
Repair Drywall Cracks
Repair Drywall Holes
Repair Plaster
Repair Plaster Cracks
Repair Plaster Surface
Repair Popcorn Ceiling
Repair Textured Ceiling
Repair Textured Drywall
Repair Textured Walls
Repair Wall Damage
Repair Wall Holes
Repair Wall Plaster
Repair Wall Texture
Replace Ceiling Drywall
Replace Drywall
Replace Sheetrock
Resurface Wall Or Ceiling
Skim Coat
Skim Coating
Tape Drywall Joints
Texture Ceiling
Texture Drywall
Texture Sheetrock
Texture Walls

Trim Carpentry, Millwork and Carpentry

Build Cabinets
Caulk Perimeter Of Home
Frame Interior Door Opening
Hang Cabinets
Hang Curtain Rod
Hang Curtains
Hang Exterior Door
Hang Interior Door
Hang Kitchen Cabinets
Hang Prehung Door
Install Aluminum Windows
Install Aluminum Windows
Install Base Molding
Install Baseboard
Install Basement Window
Install Bathroom Cabinet
Install Bathroom Medicine Cabinet
Install Bathroom Vanity
Install Bay Window
Install Bifold Door
Install Cabinet Handles
Install Cabinet Hinge
Install Cabinets
Install Chair Rail Molding
Install Closet Doors
Install Closet Organizers
Install Cornice
Install Crown Molding
Install Curtain Rod
Install Decorative Beams
Install Door Casing
Install Door Closer
Install Door Frame
Install Door Hinges
Install Door Jamb
Install Door Knob
Install Door Lock
Install Door Stop
Install Door Sweep
Install Door Trim
Install Door Weather Stripping
Install Entry Lock Set
Install Exterior Door
Install Exterior Shutters
Install Fascia Boards
Install Fireplace Mantel
Install French Doors
Install Grab Bars
Install Hardware
Install Interior Door
Install Interior Door Knob
Install Interior Window Shutter
Install Kitchen Base Cabinets
Install Kitchen Cabinets
Install Molding
Install Ornamental Columns
Install Pocket Door
Install Prehung Door
Install Remodeling Windows
Install Replacement Patio Door
Install Replacement Windows
Install Shelving
Install Sliding Door
Install Stairway
Install Stairway Handrail
Install Storm Door
Install Storm Windows
Install Towel Bar
Install Traverse Rod
Install Trim Molding
Install Valance
Install Vinyl Windows
Install Wall Cabinets
Install Wall Mount
Install Wall Paneling
Install Window
Install Window Apron
Install Window Blinds
Install Window Casing
Install Window Shades
Install Window Sill
Install Window Trim Molding
Install Window Weather Stripping
Install Wood Window
Mount Cabinet
Mount Cabinet Doors
Repair Cabinets
Replace Cabinet Doors

Installation Cost Calculators (cont.) - Exterior and Structural:


Apply Acrylic Concrete Sealer
Apply Decorative Concrete Stain
Apply Epoxy Concrete Sealer
Apply Penetrating Concrete Sealer
Apply Polyurethane Concrete Sealer
Install Cement Driveway
Install Cement Patio
Install Cement Slab
Install Colored Concrete
Install Concrete Curb
Install Concrete Curb And Gutter
Install Concrete Driveway
Install Concrete Landscape Curbing
Install Concrete Pad
Install Concrete Patio
Install Concrete Pool Deck
Install Concrete Reinforcement
Install Concrete Sidewalk
Install Exposed Aggregate Driveway
Install Exposed Aggregate Patio
Install Exposed Aggregate Sidewalk
Install Landscape Curbing
Install Multi Color Stamped Concrete
Install Patterned Concrete
Install Patterned Concrete Driveway
Install Patterned Concrete Patio
Install Rebar Reinforcement
Install Single Color Stamped Concrete
Install Stamped Concrete
Install Stamped Concrete Driveways
Install Stamped Concrete Patio
Install Wire Mesh For Concrete
Polish Concrete
Set Concrete Formwork
Stain Concrete Patina


Remove Bath Fixtures
Remove Countertops
Remove Sink
Remove Kitchen Sink
Remove Bathroom Sink
Remove Bathroom Sink Drain
Remove Kitchen Sink Drain
Remove Bathtub Faucet
Remove Bathroom Faucet
Remove Kitchen Faucet
Remove Bathroom Mirror
Remove Kitchen Countertop
Remove Kitchen Tiles
Remove Kitchen Floor
Remove Kitchen Soffit
Remove Bathtub
Remove Toilet
Remove Appliances
Remove Mirror
Remove Lighting Fixtures
Remove Carpet
Remove Flooring
Remove Cabinets
Remove Kitchen Cabinets
Remove Molding
Remove Door
Remove Door Hardware
Remove Vent
Remove Tile
Remove Bathroom Tile
Remove Bathroom Vanity
Remove Tile Mortar
Remove Water Heater
Remove Popcorn Ceiling
Remove Interior Wall
Remove Interior Door
Remove Exterior Door
Remove Exterior Paint
Remove Soffit
Remove Ceiling
Remove Wallboard
Remove Lath And Plaster
Remove Garbage Disposal
Remove Construction Debris
Remove Paneling

Exterior Trim, Siding and Decking

Install Aluminum Decking
Install Aluminum Fascia
Install Aluminum Garage Door
Install Aluminum Siding
Install Aluminum Soffit
Install Automatic Garage Door Opener
Install Brick Veneer Siding
Install Double Garage Door
Install Exterior Trim
Install Exterior Window Shutters
Install Exterior Wood Shutters
Install Fiber Cement Siding
Install Insulated Garage Door
Install Liquid Vinyl Siding
Install Metal Siding
Install Panel Lift Garage Door
Install Panel Siding
Install Plank Siding
Install Plastic Fascia
Install Plywood Fascia
Install Plywood Soffit
Install Shingle Siding
Install Single Garage Door
Install Steel Garage Door
Install Stucco
Install Synthetic Decking
Install Veneer Stone
Install Vented Soffit
Install Vinyl Fascia
Install Vinyl Siding
Install Vinyl Soffit
Install Wood Decking
Install Wood Fascia
Install Wood Garage Door
Install Wood Siding
Install Wood Soffit

Lawn and Garden

Aerate Lawn
Fertilize Lawn
Install Artificial Lawn
Install Ashlar Stone
Install Concrete Edging
Install Crushed Granite
Install Crushed Stone
Install Glass Fence
Install Landscape Boulders
Install Landscape Edging
Install Landscape Fabric
Install Landscape Gravel
Install Landscape River Stone
Install Landscape Rock
Install Landscape Timbers
Install Landscape Waterproof Membrane
Install Masonry Sand
Install Mulch
Install Pea Gravel
Install Pea Gravel Driveway
Install River Pebbles
Install River Rock
Install River Sand
Install Slate Chips
Install Sod
Install Stepping Stones
Maintain Lawn
Mow Lawn
Remove Lawn
Install Chain Link Fence
Install Electric Fence
Install Fence
Install Picket Fence
Install PVC Fencing
Install Rail Fence
Install Vinyl Fence
Install Wood Privacy Fence
Install Electric Patio Heater
Install Fabric Awnings
Install Folding Arm Awning
Install Gas Patio Heater
Install Halogen Patio Heater
Install Hot Tub
Install Hurricane Shutters
Install Metal Awnings
Install Outdoor Play Equipment
Install Retractable Awning
Install Wood Arbor
Install Wood Gazebo
Install Wood Pergola
Screen In Deck
Screen In Lanai
Screen In Patio
Screen In Pool
Screen In Porch


Install Basic Veneer Brick Wall
Install Block Firepit
Install Block Retaining Wall
Install Bluestone Patio
Install Bluestone Pavers
Install Bluestone Steps
Install Bluestone Walkway
Install Brick Edging
Install Brick Paver Driveway
Install Brick Paver Patio
Install Brick Steps
Install CMU Block Wall
Install Cobblestone Driveway
Install Cobblestone Pavers
Install Concrete Block Wall
Install Concrete Block Wall Cap
Install Double Width Brick Wall
Install Driveway Pavers
Install Flagstone Patio
Install Flagstone Pavers
Install Flagstone Step
Install Flagstone Walkway
Install Granite Cobblestone
Install Granite Edging
Install Granite Pavers
Install Granite Steps
Install Interlocking Brick
Install Interlocking Pavers
Install Masonry Wall
Install Natural Stone Driveway
Install Natural Stone Patio
Install Natural Stone Pavers
Install Natural Stone Veneer
Install Natural Stone Walkway
Install Patterned Double Width Brick Wall
Install Patterned Veneer Brick Wall
Install Pavers
Install Paving Bricks In Sand
Install Retaining Wall
Install Sandstone Pavers
Install Sandstone Tiling
Install Slate Patio
Install Slate Pavers
Install Slate Tile Walkway
Install Slump Block Wall
Install Split Face Block
Install Stacked Stone Veneer
Install Stone Wall
Install Travertine Coping
Install Travertine Pavers

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