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Trade Contractors and Service Professionals:

Solve the #1 issue blocking your revenue and profit growth

The internet has trained customers to expect rapid turnaround on job inquiries. Responding quickly with top quality, informative estimates that establish trust and confidence has become essential in turning leads into customers. In these crucial situations, Homewyse Lists gives service professionals a decisive competitive advantage.

Lists is a simple application that lets you build and reuse a price list of your common services and products. To bid a job, just open a copy of your custom List, check the items needed, enter the job size - and your bid is ready to send. Use it from the job site or your desk - with any pc, tablet or smartphone.

Lists lets you customize and combine the same cost data and work specification used at - information proven trustworthy in over 95,000,000 estimates since 2006.

Pre-built templates (projects, trade & job specific collections) and a library of 1200+ Items make it easy to create custom price Lists that reflect your unique business needs.

The Homewyse Template collection includes:

Plans & pricing

Is Homewyse Lists right for you? The Basic level product is a free and simple way to learn Lists. When you've decided that Lists is right for your business, the Pro level adds the advanced features, content and storage capacity you'll want for everyday use.

Lists Basic


The essential features needed to explore estimating and bidding with Lists.

  • Uses data
  • 1200+ pre-built cost Items
  • Basic Templates
  • Up to 10 saved job Lists
  • Smartphone, tablet and PC compatible

Lists Pro

$99/year* that's only $8.25/month* with 1 year prepaid subscription

Business branding, templates and storage needed by service pros.

Upgrade to Pro
  • All Lists Basic features
  • Unlimited saved job Lists
  • Add logo & business info
  • Daily data backup
  • Priority email support
  • Output options info
  • Combine Lists info
  • Merge Homewyse calculators info
  • NEW List Summary Items
  • NEW Pro Project Templates info

* annual billing; credit card fee is extra.

Common questions

  • How does Lists help my business?

    With Lists, you'll spend less effort, money and worry on marketing - and more time working on jobs you'll profit from.

    Lists creates detailed estimates that communicate your skill, attention to detail and professionalism - factors that attract customers willing to pay a fair price for quality work.

    No special math, computer, accounting or project management skills are required. You get the features, latest cost data and bid templates that you need to build and (re)use an estimating calculator 100% customized to your business.

  • How is Lists different than other apps?

    Lists is unique because it is 100% focused on one job: helping service pros create and share honest, detailed and convincing estimates.

    By combining a streamlined price list design with proven job descriptions and estimating data, Lists can generate and send custom, professional grade estimates in record time.

    Keeping things AS SIMPLE AND FLEXIBLE AS POSSIBLE means you don't have to learn irrelevant, complex features. You don't have to purchase or research cost information. You don't have to pay for, learn or work around features you don't need.

  • How can I test Pro level features?

    Lists Basic includes core Templates and features needed to build, reuse and share custom estimating calculators. The Basic level is free - making it a great, no-risk way for you to explore ALL of the List building capabilities and templates in the Pro level. Basic level users can save up to 10 Lists.

    The Pro level adds unlimited Lists with automatic, secure backup - for keeping separate Lists for each job. Customizable print output, no advertising, Pro templates and advanced control List customization complete the additional features of the Pro level.

  • What support is provided for Lists?

    Homewyse List users have access to the Lists Help Center, which provides tutorial videos, examples, answers to frequently asked questions and deatiled Lists reference documentation

    The Pro level adds priority email support - for answers to specific questions about accessing and/or using the features and example data that are included with Homewyse Lists.

    Note: support does not include "List development" that might be needed to build a highly customized List, or for providing cost estimating data not included in existing List template or Item libraries.

  • Is Lists pricing accurate (for my business)?

    Lists default cost factors are the same as the mid-range unit cost and productivity data used on the site - data that has been tested and trusted in millions of uses. When this information is combined with your specified labor wage rate, you achieve the high estimating accuracy you need to win bids and ensure business profitability. Full control of custom Items, job scope and customization of any cost factors ensure that you will achieve high consistency as well as high accuracy.

  • How long can I use the Basic level?

    You can use the Basic plan as long as you like. With the Basic level, you can create and save up to 10 Lists. This lets you explore all features in Lists and evaluate the impact to your business. If Lists creates value for your business, we encourage you to upgrade to a Lists Pro subscription - as it helps us recover our development, hosting and support costs for the app.