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The following resources: help you learn about homewyse Lists, demonstrate real world examples, answer your common questions and ensure that you become proficient quickly.

  • Getting started If you are new to Lists and want to understand the basic capabilities and uses of the product, it is important for you to review the Getting Started video.
  • Sign up for a Basic account When you are ready to see if Lists is right for your business, sign up for a FREE Basic account here . The basic account will let you explore all the templates and library Items, create your own lists, print estimates and share Lists with clients or associates.
  • Homewyse Lists User Guide If you want to learn by reading, or if you want to review full documentation for Lists features and options, view the Homewyse Lists User Guide.
  • Working with Lists All new account users should view this video to understand advanced homewyse Lists features, customization and editing.
  • Go Pro When you upgrade to Lists Pro you get unlimited estimate storage, simplified cost updating, maximum page speed performance, and a simple, advertising-free experience for you and your clients.
  • Product Page The Homewyse Lists Product Overview explains the differences between the product levels and why the Pro level features provide the right conveniences and features for the growing local services business.
  • Printing Reference The Lists printing reference explains how to print and share your estimates, how to customize the printed page and how to create PDF files for bids.
  • Calculation Reference The Calculation details reference explains how all quantity, hours and cost calculation are made - and how to customize these calculations to meet special requirements for your business.
  • Pricing Adjustments The Pricing adjustment reference provides a step-by-step guide to tuning your most important cost factors, so that you can optimize pricing around your unique business conditions.
  • Questions? Are there List templates or other information you need? Have you encountered an error? Do you have a question or suggestion? Send us your message now.