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New to Lists? Review the Getting Started Tutorial and the Lists User Guide.

Sign in and access issues

  • Help. I can't sign in to my account.

    To fix sign in problems:

    1. Reset your device.
    2. Sign in to your account at the Lists Sign In page using the show password option.
    3. If the previous step is unsuccessful and you aren't 100% certain that you know your account password, you should reset your password.
    4. Repeat step 2

    NOTE: If you are unable to sign in after completing all 4 steps above send Homewyse Support a brief explanation of where in the process you were unsuccessful.

  • How do I change my password?

    To change and re-activate your password, you must carefully complete ALL steps below:

    1. Go to the Homewyse Lists Sign In page
    2. Choose Forgot Password.
    3. Enter the email address used to create your account and choose Reset Password.
    4. Enter and confirm your new password when prompted. A dialog will confirm that your request was submitted.
    5. ESSENTIAL ACTIVATION STEP: Sign into your email application DIRECTLY using the email account from the previous step. Open the message titled "ACTION NEEDED - Homewyse Password Reset" and complete ALL instructions in that message.

    IMPORTANT: Allow 5 minutes after request submital for message delivery. The "ACTION NEEDED" message may have been routed your Spam (Junk) folder - be sure to check this folder if the message can't be found in your normal Inbox. If you aren't able to complete all 5 steps above send Homewyse Support a brief explanation of where in the above process you were unsuccessful.

  • How can I ensure best application performance?

    To ensure best Lists performance and to fix screen display issues or slow response, reset your device:

    1. If your are signed in to Homewyse Lists, choose Account, then select Sign Out
    2. Close your browser.
    3. Restart your device.
    4. Open your browser and verify that: (i) you are NOT using a private (incognito) browser window and (ii) Javascript is ON and NOT being blocked by an Ad Blocker.
    5. Clear your browser’s cache (temporary files).
    6. Go to the Homewyse Lists Sign In page and sign in to your account.
  • How do I fix onscreen display problems?

    Certain browsers experience display (and memory) errors when used over an extended period of time with many different web sites. To remedy these screen display issues and ensure optimal Homewyse Lists performance, clear your browser as described in the Reset Device Instructions.

  • How do I renew/review Lists Pro level access?

    To review and renew your Homewyse Lists Pro level access:

    1. Sign in to your account.
    2. To review your Pro level renewal settings and renew Pro level access, go here.
    3. [Option] if your account has expired or is within 30 days of expiration you can choose Upgrade from the account section of the main menu to complete the renewal process.

Estimating options & techniques

  • How do I create a flat fee Item?

    To create a flat fee Item:

    1. Open a List and then choose Add new Item.
    2. From the Basic tab, use the dropdown to set the Cost Basis to "EA - Unit". Complete other information and choose Next.
    3. In the Costs tab, set the Unit cost to be the total amount for your flat fee, then choose Next. IMPORTANT: Do NOT edit the Labor production value; the Labor production value must be "0" for a flat fee Item to calculate cost properly*.
    4. In the Quantity tab, set Automatically calculated quantity to 0.0 and set User specified quantity to be the number of flat fee Items, then choose Save.

    *NOTE: If you edit the Labor production value so that it is not "0", choose Cancel and repeat the above process above.

  • How do I add sales tax (or any material markup) ?

    To add sales tax %, or any markup that is a % of material costs:

    1. Open the List that you want to include sales tax.
    2. Increase the Material adjust setting as described here by the desired percentage.
    3. NOTE: If you have 2 or more % based markups for Materials, add the individual markup percentages together, prior to step 2 above.
  • How do I copy a List?

    To create a new Lists that is a copy of another List in your account:

    1. Select My Lists from the main menu.
    2. Choose Add new List.
    3. Choose Copy MyList.
    4. Select the List you want to copy.
    5. In the Add New List dialog, specify a Name and List wage for the copy.
    6. Choose Save.

    BEST PRACTICE recommendation: Create one List (and think of it as your own service "menu") that includes your standard service options. Do not edit this List except to update your service options. Then, whenever you need to bid a specific job, create a copy of the List as described above.

  • How do I fix/change numbers in the List estimate?

    To change any number displayed for Item detail in your Homewyse List estimate:

    1. Review and fully understand Item costs and Item editing as explained in the Getting Started Video and/or the Cost calculation reference.
    2. Check (and correct to your satisfaction) the List wage as described here.
    3. For each Item that contains numbers you want to correct, perform the following steps only as needed, in the order shown:

      1. If the Item Quantity is incorrect, you MUST change it before adjusting any other numbers for that Item. Change the Item Quantity as described here.
      2. If Item Hrs are incorrect after step 1 above, change the Item Hrs as described here
      3. If the Item's Labor is incorrect after step 2 above, change the Item Wage to correct the Labor value, as described here
      4. If the Item Material is incorrect after step 1 above, change the Item's Unit Cost to correct the Material value, as described here
    4. Choose Save.
  • How do I see all Lists templates?

    To view all current templates available in Homewyse Lists:

    1. Go to the Homewyse Templates listing. Sign in will be required.
    2. NOTE: clicking any Template in the listing will create a copy of that template in your Lists collection.
  • How do I adjust costs for my Zip Code?
    1. Unlike the fixed calculators we provide at, the Homewyse Lists app does NOT use zip codes.
    2. This is because hourly labor expenses typically account for 95+% of the regional differences in the total job price, and Lists gives YOU direct control YOUR labor rate.
    3. To set your labor rate for an existing List see Changing List cost factors.


  • How do I email or text a List to a customer?

    To send selected users a high quality, formatted document from your List estimate:

    1. Open the List and check the Items to be sent.
    2. Choose the Output button; then select the level of data detail you want.
    3. Choose the Print this page button.
    4. In the Print dialog, select PDF as the Destination option and then choose Print.
    5. Enter a file name and location for the PDF file; then choose Save.
    6. Then, in your text or email application: create a message to accompany your PDF file. Before sending the message, attach the PDF file created in the preceding steps.

    Related: See the Homewyse Lists User Guide to learn how to customize output documents with your company logo and business information.

  • How do I share one of my Lists with other Lists user(s)?

    To export Lists data into a formatted file that can be used directly by Quickbooks, Excel, Google Sheets and similar data based applications:

    1. Open the List that you want to share.
    2. Copy the List URL (address) from your browser's address bar.
    3. In your text or email application create a message that contains the full URL from the previous step with a description for the recipient.Send the message.

    NOTE: When you share a List URL as described above: (i) anyone - in addition to the person(s) you send it to - with access to this URL can use the List (ii) those with the URL can create an editable copy of the List in their own Homewyse Lists account (changes they make to their copy will not affect your original List).

  • How do I get Lists data/results into other applications?

    To export Lists data into a formatted file that can be used directly by Quickbooks, Excel, Google Sheets and similar data based applications:

    1. Follow the User Guide instruction for Creating a CSV export file.
    2. In your destination application, import the CSV file created in the previous step, following the manufacsturer's documentation for that application.

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