Where Does Homewyse Cost Data Come From?

Sources of productivity, wage and material unit cost data in Homewyse calculators

Homewyse periodically collects and normalizes data for material unit pricing, equipment and disposal costs. We use 3-4 reputable sources which are listed on each calculator page. The material coverage factors (which account for installed and "overage" amounts) are determined from industry publications, hueristics, operating experience and best practices; source references for this data are also listed on each calculator page.

Labor Effort levels(the mathematical inverse of productivity) are curated from sources listed on each calculator page; these trusted historical job productivity levels are adjusted to account for higher labor requirements for smaller residential remodeling and construction. Labor Wages are commonly the biggest source of variation. Wages can vary significantly by region, time of year and local supply/demand for the subcontractor trade in question. In addition, average wages will trend upward on a yearly basis. Homewyse sources wage and overhead cost statistics are based on quarterly and yearly data from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics and from additional references listed on each calculator page.