Homewyse Improvements and Enhancements - November 2016

The latest enhancements to homewyse.com include the addition of common options for installation estimating calculators, https: security, updates to cost and project scope references, and wage updates for the more expensive labor markets.

The cost estimating calculators at homewyse.com now reflect the following changes:

  • Installation Labor Options One of the top user requests over the past 6 months has been to add common options for the basic task estimates (e.g. provide the task option to prime a room along with the estimate to paint the room, or provide the task option to remove an existing window when estimating the installation costs for a replacement window). Now, most tasks in the installation section (www.homewyse.com/services/) will offer these types of "most common" options alongside the cost itemization for material, labor, and equipment for the task. The user can include these or any cost item to include in the calculator totals by selecting the checkbox located to the left of the item. By default, items that were included in the previous version of the calculator will be checked "on" (and are included in the total costs), and the new options are "off" (not included).
  • Secure Information Exchange This release includes support for https data encryption as recommended by google and other security aware internet infrastructure companies. For the user, this will ensure that any information sumbitted/received when using homewyse will be protected from third party access and that information sent by homewyse cannot be modified by third parties.
  • Wage Increases As supply and demand issues continue for construction labor in the most expensive housing markets, wage volatility continues. Based with data from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, wages have increased by up 0.2% since our Spring adjustment. Wages in homewyse.com labor cost calculations have been updated accordingly.