Homewyse Improvements and Enhancements - November 2021

Site Updates

The Homewyse site now features faster page loading, an updated user interface and completely upgraded Homewyse Lists reference and help sections.

Labor Rate and Material Cost Updates

The cost estimating calculators at homewyse.com now reflect the following changes:

  • Labor Rate Increases Updates include higher wages across the spectrum for home construction, remodeling and maintenance professionals. Annual changes range from 1.5% to 4.8%, reflecting significant overhead cost increases and labor supply and demand imbalances that have persisted in many regions since mid-2020.
  • Material Increases Updates include higher material unit prices for roofing, insulation, appliances, tile and coatings. Annual increases have been substantial, ranging from 4% to over 28%. Lumber and sheet goods pricing increases have stopped since April 2021 highs, but significant decreases in wholesale lumber prices have not materialized as savings to retail customers.