Fair Cost Guide - Mirrored Closet Doors

April 2021

Mirrored Closet Doors Calculator   Zip Code
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Includes basic coverage quantities and typical overage. Excludes sales tax, delivery upcharges, and items not included in the description and notes.
*load* $368.27 $520.00
Includes on site setup, site preparation, job completion, trash removal and work area cleanup.
*load* $368.27 $520.00
Supplies, Tools
Includes equipment allowance and supplies for preparation, job completion and site cleanup.
  $368.27 $520.00
Excludes sales tax, any applicable fees, dump charges, and costs for repair or remediation not mentioned in the work description.
  $368.27 $520.00


   width 48" 60" 72"
80" 0 0 1
height  84" 0 0 0
90" 0 0 0

Window/Door Quality Basic - builder grade

Labor Type Vendor supplied


Get an instant, vendor-neutral estimate of Mirrored Closet Door options and costs in your zip code. Our cost guide has been updated for 2021 to reflect current fair wages and material option costs for Mirrored Closet Doors. Enter your options and zip code above - then select "Update".


Mirrored Closet Doors Cost Guide - Pricing Assumptions and Notes

Homewyse Cost Guides estimate approximate cost ranges for basic work in typical conditions. The estimates should only be used for preliminary planning. Homewyse estimates are NOT substitutes for quotes from qualified vendors. Homewyse strongly recommends that you contact reputable professionals for an accurate assessment of work required and costs for your project - before making any decisions or commitments.

  • Labor tasks - Measure, trim and plane door to fit existing door jamb. Mark and mortise hinge locations. Install hinges. Fabricate holes, mortises for door handle set and jamb strike plate.
  • Mirrored Closet Door installation costs are commonly quoted from a standard rate and can be estimated/quoted by the service professional after measurement and visual inspection at the job site.
  • The homewyse Mirrored Closet Door cost estimates do not include costs for modifications to existing wall framing or existing door jamb.
  • Reduce total project cost by having multiple vendors bid on the same, detailed work specification of your Mirrored Closet Door project.
  • Save on installation costs by combining similar jobs and by being willing to have your project completed during low demand periods for the vendor/installer.
  • Low to High labor cost range differences are in part due to variations in work load, job location and seasonal wage rates.
  • The homewyse cost estimates include all typical costs for local delivery, unpackaging, fitment in existing door framing, and installation of hinges and door handle(s).
  • Higher priced Mirrored Closet Doors typically offer more durable material, extended warranties and enhanced appearance and finish options
  • Mirrored Closet Door installation costs vary considerably by location. For an accurate estimate in your area, enter your zip code in the calculator above.
  • Skill and experience greatly speed and simplify Mirrored Closet Doors work and minimize project delays. Hiring an experienced professional can significantly reduce completion timelines and project schedule risks.


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